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Let me guess... You took this test because it was recommended. Maybe you've had difficulties getting along with your colleagues at work and it was recommended that you try this app to make a change in your leadership and improve your relationships.

 You empathize with problems that affect the workplace depending on the situation. However, you prioritize business practices over people. Many diversity problems make you feel uncomfortable and too often, it challenges your beliefs and values. You are open to hearing what people have to say, however, you prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself. You hold many biases that impact yourself from making true change. However, your curiosity drives you to think a little deeper  about your personal development and enhanced your excitement in learning about your results.

Consider your personal development towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a "transaction" that opens the door to new possibilities for your leadership and professional development. Did you know that DEI workplace initiatives inform decisions that save companies money from staff turnover and increases sales? Not only are DEI initiatives morally and ethically the right thing to do, it generates money and retains quality employees. Overall, Transactional Leader, there are many practical reasons as to how DEI initiatives drive better business solutions and improve your workplace. 

Consider our recommended results to advance your inclusive leadership skills.

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