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Charity Begins at Home.

For many, this year's Holiday season means something bigger than normal. In 2021, we've lost friends, family, and community members to COVID-19, racism, domestic violence, and all of the above. We've quit jobs and lost them. We've started new businesses and ventures that we never could've imagined had it not been for quarantining. As we enter into the New Year, we become hopeful of our dreams and aspirations because we know that life is precious.

When we look at the lights around the Christmas tree, we see glimmers of hope for our future. We dream bigger about our goals and recognize that this life is what we make it. When we are feeling cheerful, we share our dreams and goals with our loved ones, hoping for confirmation and to inspire them to dream bigger, too.

There is something to be said about how this Holiday season stimulates joy and excitement for hopeful possibilities in our future. In all of what this season brings you, remember that charity starts at home. As you share love and joy with others, remember to give back to yourself. Given that our future is full of unknowns, it's especially important to honor and recognize your big and small wins. In doing so, it fuels your dreams to become reality when everything around you seems uncertain. In giving back to yourself, you reaffirm your hopes and dreams regardless of the naysayers.

Whether your holiday tradition entails gift-giving or celebrating the New Year with loved ones, remember to celebrate and honor yourself.

So, cheers to you! 👏🏽 You are striving for goals that are bigger than you could imagine! You are even more confident than you were last year in achieving that big goal. You may not have completed it fully, but you are so close! Take time out to give yourself a compliment and trust that you are in alignment with your path.

Cheers to what the New Year brings because you are being charitable to yourself!

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