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Thank you for participating in today's session - Understanding and Dismantling White Saviorism, a pre-conference session for the 2024 Sexual Health Update provided by Essential Access Health.


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Understanding and Dismantling White Saviorism

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Hilton Los Angeles

Room: Pacifica B

While many well-intentioned healthcare professionals work to serve the community, oftentimes, we adopt characteristics of white supremacy in serving disenfranchised communities of color based on ignorance, lack of self-awareness, and lack of community input.  These factors can manifest in us subconsciously assuming we know what is best for our patients due to our medical expertise and training.  This leads to a continuance of distrust and disengagement among staff and patients or clients because their lived experience is not fully respected or considered during the provision of sexual and reproductive care or services. This dynamic training is tailored to those committed to advancing reproductive justice with cultural humility and true collaboration.


Come together with a community of like-minded individuals, eager to deepen their understanding and actively work towards dismantling white saviorism in the pursuit of reproductive justice.


Workshop Highlights:


  • Insightful Exploration: Unpack the nuances of white saviorism in reproductive justice contexts, examining how it can unintentionally perpetuate harm and hinder progress.

  • Tools for Dismantling White Saviorism: Acquire practical tools and strategies to recognize, challenge, and dismantle white saviorist attitudes and behaviors in your provision of comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare.

  • Inclusive Leadership Practices: Foster skills in inclusive leadership, promoting collaboration and shared decision-making for more effective and equitable outcomes.

Click below to view and download the training materials.
Presentation of the female boss

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Holistic Leadership Mastery: Transformative Strategies for Effective Supervision and Leadership

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