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Our Inclusive Leadership Initiative weaves inclusivity into every aspect of your organization’s operations, strategy, and impact by delivering effective professional development training workshops for new and upcoming supervisors, leaders, and teams.

Help your team develop effective leadership and supervision skills while building on your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

*Trainings available in-person across the United States, online and/or pre-recorded.

Implicit/Unconscious Bias*

Implicit bias can significantly undermine efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion by inadvertently influencing decisions and behaviors that perpetuate inequalities and hinder the creation of truly inclusive environments.

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Making the Business Case for DEI

Oftentimes, people have not made a strong enough business case for DEI. Let us help you prove how DEI drives innovation, enhance decision-making, improve employee engagement, and ultimately contribute to superior business performance and competitive advantage for your organization.

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Foundations of Supervision

This workshop aims to equip new supervisors with a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and models of effective supervision and leadership, emphasizing the critical role of ethical practices. Participants will learn how to create a supportive and productive work environment, fostering growth and collaboration within their teams through clear communication, constructive feedback, and exemplary leadership.

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Effective Communication and Feedback

In this dynamic workshop, participants will learn the art of effective communication and the skill of giving constructive feedback. Discover techniques for clear, empathetic interactions that support understanding and collaboration, alongside strategies for delivering feedback that encourages development and positive change within your team.

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The White Savior Complex*

The white savior complex can impede your organization's strategic efforts by centering the experiences and contributions of that discount diversity narratives from within your team and at-large community, thereby reinforcing power imbalances and overshadowing the voices and agency of those from marginalized communities.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)*

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage one's own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.

By practicing EQ skills in the workplace, you and your team will enhance communication, teamwork, and leadership, leading to improved job satisfaction, higher productivity, and stronger professional relationships.

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Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making

This focused workshop empowers participants with the essential skills to effectively navigate and

resolve team conflicts, coupled with the ability to make informed and ethical decisions that

reflect the organization's values and mission.

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Inclusive Leadership* 

Inclusive leadership is a practice that embraces diversity, actively seeks out and values different perspectives, and fosters an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute and thrive.

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Cultural Humility vs. Cultural Competence*

Cultural humility focuses on lifelong learning and self-reflection to understand diverse cultures without assuming mastery, while cultural competence aims at achieving a specific set of skills and knowledge for effective cross-cultural interactions, which may lead to potential unconscious bias if you're not careful. 

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Team Building and Motivation

Unlock the secrets to creating a high-performing team with this workshop. Participants will

explore a range of techniques designed to foster a collaborative and motivated team

environment, aiming to boost both individual achievements and team success.

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