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In today's fast-paced and often stressful work environments, fostering wellness and resilience not only supports your team and organization in managing stress and overcoming challenges but also unlocks their potential for innovation and creative problem-solving.


By prioritizing compassion in our interactions, including policies and team-facing engagements, organizations create a supportive atmosphere that encourages individuals to take necessary self-care measures without fear of stigma. This holistic approach to employee well-being enhances overall satisfaction, drives engagement, and leads to sustained organizational success and adaptability in the face of change.

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Motivational Speaking

Brittany Clausen is a dynamic who ignite passions, foster personal and professional growth, and inspires action towards achieving greatness.


  • Embracing Change through Uncertainty

  • Cultivating a Culture through Wellness and Creativity

  • Leadership with a Purpose: Inspiring with Vision and Values

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Team-building Retreats

Our team building retreats are designed to foster deep relationship-building, promote wellness, and facilitate strategic goal planning within teams that fosters trust, creativity, and innovation.

Through a series of carefully curated activities, teams will strengthen their bonds, improve communication, and build trust. These activities are designed to break down barriers and encourage open, heartfelt interactions among team members.

We also give a focus on wellness and strategic activities to ensure we can practice what it will look like outside of the retreat.

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Mindfulness at Work Training Series

Our Mindfulness at Work series is a collection of wellness and resilience building trainings designed to address the critical challenges faced by professionals today.

This innovative series empowers individuals and teams to cultivate mindfulness practices, enhance emotional intelligence, and foster an environment of well-being and support within the workplace.


  • Combatting Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

  • Overcoming Loneliness

  • Working in Silos

  • Building a Wellness Culture

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